Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New job, new focus

Since the 4th of July I have started working at a new job. It is quite interesting that I continue to work in the industry related with construction, but from another angle. I am now working with Archicentre (www.archicentre.com.au), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian Institute of Architects. So before I used to sell products and applications to architects, now I am selling architecturally related services.

One thing that I do keep in common is that I am able to keep developing around the theme of Sustainability. One of the projects that I am developing is to expand a service that Lane Cove Council has successfully implemented since 2009, it is called the Sustainable Building Advisory Service.

So in the future I should be able to continue posting on the subject, though I will likely be doing it once I am a bit more settled, as there is much work to do!

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