Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to the ESD blog!

In my career working in environmental systems, it always impresses me how little is known about Environmentally Sustainable Design, even among people who are supposed to manage this concept very well and because of what they do have the ability to affect the lives of many people. The main purpose of this blog is to share views with relevant stake holders who need to know about good ESD or Environmentally Sustainable Design.

One of the things that most impress me is how recent this concept is.

In Australia the first formal government recognition of this concept may date from May 2007 and can be found the Ministry of the Environment website:

The first article Wikipedia to have the name Sustainable Design was published in April 2003, and was literally only 4 lines long. Today you will see the Sustainable Design entry has changed some.

I plan to educate interested people, step by step, about this and my first action has been  to create the Wikipedia entry for Stormwater Harvesting, differentiating it from Rainwater Harvesting.

People may say that this is a small difference, however I would beg to differ. Many of the environmental problems we have today stem from a problem in the misuse of language. We have to call "things" what they are, and not something else.

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