Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Added stormwater harvesting to Reclaimed water article on Wikipedia

I find it amazing how this article, in spite of being one orientated to an topic of sustainability, does so little to explain sustainable practices. Sometimes the simplest and easiest things go unpercieved as viable options.

We often see that often people don´t believe or understand and reusing stormwater or rainwater can be so simple, and that effective and efficient use of that water can be made in a cost effective manner.

People want to be able to press a button so that a machine can do something, that something goes in one end and a product comes out the other end, that it should require maintenance, etc...

I believe, or rather know, that if things are designed correctly, they should not really need maintenance because they simple don´t require it, they should also function in a sustainable manner. Going deeper into sustainability is another topic. 

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